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Get a Free Jetnumber

Get a free jetnumber!

Dear friends and associates,

We want to promote our service which we know it should be a great help for many small and medium business around the world just like ourselves.

For this reason we are willing to give away free services to those which write about us on their blogs and websites.

How does it works?

Very simple, you write about our service on your personal blog or website

The post should have a link to our page and at least some 100 words.

Then you just simply come into this page and fill the form below.

Once we review your post (typically 48 hours) you will be granted with a free service (value 19.99 per month) for the amount of months of the page rank value of your post.

This means that if you did a post on a page with PR 6 you receive 6 months of free service!!!

Is that simple? Yes no hidden reasons, no tricks.


- The post MUST include at least one link to our website and preferably some of the following keywords (anchor text) in the text:
Virtual phone number, call forwarding, virtual office number, phone number abroad, etc..

- .info /.cn/ .tk / .name domains are not accepted as valid post

This promotion will end November 30th 2007, or when we end up our available budget for this promotion, so please hurry up.

Finally, be creative do not copy another post. We will dismiss any post which is the same as another post.

For doubts and comments on this promo please refer to our blog
Post link: Please make sure that the url is complete in order to facilitate the review. If we cannot find the post we cant grant the service
Page rank: If your page rank is 0, we cannot accept you as a valid post for this promotion
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